Mabema AAI

Automated inspection of cases, cartridges and bullets enabled by world leading vision technology that provides a cost effective and reliable quality inspection to ammunition producers. With outstanding performance the Mabema AAI inspects ammunition at 120 parts per minute.

Ammunition AAI, inspection of cases and cartridges.

Mabema AAI 3.0 is an automated ammunition inspection machine that increases manufacturers’ process control, quality and profitability. We have delivered machines to national as well as international customers within the ammunition industry.

Based on the feedback from existing users of Mabema AAI and the accumulated knowledge from over 500 machine vision systems we are introducing Mabema AAI 3.0. We have kept all good things from AAI 2.0 and made a major update of the mechanical design. There have also been many improvements implemented in the vision system and user interface.

Inspection examples
  • Split cases
  • Scratches
  • Dents incl. soft dents
  • Wrinkles
  • Flange diameter, thickness and shape
  • Wrong or missing stamp
  • Primer inspection
  • Defect or missing extractor groove
  • Bullet check

One of the key benefits with the Mabema AAI 3.0 is its surface inspection. It is performed by an innovative line scan technology that enables the machine to measure and detect small and soft dents on the surface. The machine is equipped with three area scan cameras and two line scan cameras distributed over four inspection stations. This provides customers with a complete and qualitative ammunition inspection. 

Inspection stations

Below you will find image examples and information about which specific defects are detected in each inspection station. 

Extractor groove

Measuring and inspection of rim and extractor groove.


Inspection of primer/fire hole and stamps. Measurement of diameters with telecentric lens.


Control of the bullet such as tip shape, color and dimensions as well as major defects.


High resolution detection of scratches, split cases, wrinkles, dents and total length.

3D Surface

Measurement of area and depth of dents with triangulation and line scan technology.

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Mabema AAI Brochure

Our updated brochure about the Mabema AAI. It contains useful information and technical data.