Sweden's leading supplier of machine vision systems

Mabema is Sweden’s leading supplier of machine vision systems. Since 2002, our machine vision solutions have improved productivity, product quality and profits at the most demanding customers within various industrial segments.

Robot picking of unsorted goods

Our system enables robots to pick randomly oriented or bulk packed items. There is no need for spacers, pallet tips, belt conveyors or other mechanical equipment.

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Volume measurement of timber piles on truck

Mabema´s GPV frame is an automatic log pile measurement system. The GPV frame measure the wood volume on a separate truck pile. The solution is faster and more accurate than the manual procedure. The measurement includes height, length, and diameter of the logs, as well as the solid wood volume at and below the bark.

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Machine vision for zero errors

Our camera technology and advanced image processing solutions are used in the four business; RobotVision, Vision, Nuclear and Wood. With our expertise, we assist clients increase productivity and improve product quality.


The solution for traditional robot guidance in 2D.


For pallet picking when the variation in height is essential.


Used when shape based matching provides the best results.

FINDER BinPicker

For picking of unsorted goods directly from pallets (bin picking).


For picking of oriented pipes, rods and shafts from racks or pallets.

FINDER Cameras

Selected for best performance in combination with the FINDER products.

Ammunition AAI

Inspection of cases and cartridges.

Casting pores detection

Flexible solution for detection of casting pores.

Customized vision system

To meet our customers' unique needs, we tailor our solutions to solve the most challenging technological applications.

Core 3D

Core verification and core height measurement.

Fuel 3D

Measurement of fuel rods.

Underwater cameras and accessories

Camera products developed and manufactured with focus on quality and radiation.


The portable platform for digitizing and saving analogue video.

Volume measurement of timber piles on truck

Mabema GPV measures the volume of wood on log carts on trucks. The results include height, length, width and diameters of the logs, as well as the solid wood volume at and below the bark. Compared to manual methods, Mabema GPV is both faster and more accurate.

Customized system solutions

Mabema is an innovative solution provider. In addition to complete vision systems, we customize entire machine solutions, including design, mechanics, electronics and control systems. Our long experience, solid know-how and extensive network of strategic partners, enable us to provide our customers with optimized solutions.

Training: RobotVision

During a full day, you will get to know FINDER 3D as well as practical exercises for a basic understanding and management.