• With unique matching methodology
  • Provides fast and secure results
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible camera and robot communication
For pallet picking with spacers when the variation in height is essential for the application.

FINDER Stereo is the vision system for contour-based 3D applications where the height is calculated and sent to the robot (X + Y + Z and rotation angles).

The product is perfect for pallet picking with spacers or other applications when the variation in height is essential for the application. FINDER Stereo has the same straightforward and intuitive user interface as FINDER 2D and also handles multiple camera pairs and/or complementary cameras.

Perform model learning with FINDER 2D and FINDER Stereo

  1. Take the model picture. The image is saved and can be reused for later correction.
  2. Edges and search plan. Define which contours to be used and specify the position to send to the robot.
  3. Search. Configure search terms and sort.
  4. Collision management. Define product distribution and tool areas.

Matching takes place in the respective camera. The robot position is calculated based on the object, deformation and the cameras’ relation to each other (triangulation). The results from the two cameras are visualized at the bottom of the application.

Guidance: Vision

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Training: RobotVision

During a full day, you will get to know FINDER 3D as well as practical exercises for a basic understanding and management.