3D system for picking pipes, shafts and rods – FINDER Tubes

  • Guiding an industrial robot sideways and in depth.
  • Picking from hanging conveyors and stacked products.
  • Edge detection, rotation angle and axis center, etc.
  • Laser based 3D scanning technology.

FINDER Tubes & Bars is specially developed for picking of oriented pipes, rods and shafts from racks or pallets. This cost-effective solution replaces mechanical tube feeders.

The scanning process is very fast, each laser line profile is continuously processed. The output is forwarded lag-free to the robot. No external illumination is required.

Longitudinal scanning, each laser line profile used to detect the direction, inclination and sum of the lines gives a center point.

Guidance: Vision

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Training: RobotVision

During a full day, you will get to know FINDER 3D as well as practical exercises for a basic understanding and management.