Mabema vision technology

with vision towards zero errors

Vision systems for inspection

Machine vision systems improve product quality and increases productivity and profitability. Monotonous labor, such as quality control or production monitoring, is eliminated.

Mabema offers cost effective turn-key solutions in the automatic inspection field. Vision systems enable inspection of a broad range of tasks, spanning from presence detection to locating defects in complex patterns. We use traditional machine vision and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate critical steps in the production chain.

In addition to turn-key vision systems solutions we also deliver entire turn-key machines. Naturally, our services also include proof-of-concepts, support, maintenance, consultancy assignments, training and supply of components and spare parts.

Ammunition AAI

Inspection of cases and cartridges.

Customized vision system

To meet our customers' unique needs, we tailor our solutions to solve the most challenging technological applications.

Casting pores detection

Flexible solution for detection of casting pores.

Guidance: Vision

We now offer all our customers free pre-studies in our well equiped test center. Get advice on which RobotVision product which is best suitable for your needs by calling +46 73 515 37 11 or e-mail us.

Training: RobotVision

During a full day, you will get to know FINDER 3D as well as practical exercises for a basic understanding and management.