Volume measurement of timber piles on truck

Volume measurement of timber piles on truck

Mabema GPV measures the volume of wood on log carts on trucks. The results include height, length, width and diameters of the logs, as well as the solid wood volume at and below the bark. Compared to manual methods, Mabema GPV is both faster and more accurate.

Optional upgrades are available. For example, detection of rot, individual log measurement, log length control, segmentation of shared stacks and wood type selection. Results are directly linked with the SDC measurement system Doris. Mabema GPV is used successfully by several recognized Swedish companies since more than four years.

The market’s only fully automated type-approved volume measurement

Mabema GPV is type approved for remuneration measurements (m3 fub) of the following applications:

  • Spruce pulp – falling lengths
  • Softwood – falling and standard lengths
  • Firing timber – falling and standard lengths
  • Pine timber – falling and standard lengths
  • Spruce cube – standard lengths
  • Pine cube – standard lengths

Type approved for diameter distribution (m3 fub) for the following distribution limits (full centimeters) regardless of range:

  • 14-20 cm – standard lengths
  • 21–29 cm – falling and standard lengths

Mabema GPV is also approved to use three intervals simultaneously. For example, the divisions <16 cm, 16-18 cm,> 18 cm. Used today at Vida, Alvesta.

Ongoing project

  • Project for installation of Measuring Frame 4 (M4) at VIDA’s cube sawmill in Nössemark.
  • Mabema GPV compatible with IRIS / FMC for remote measurement at BIOMETRIA (Remote measurement support for GPV already available today and used by VIDA, Alvesta).

Existing installations

  • Braviken, Holmen
  • Värö, Södra
  • Alvesta, VIDA

Upcoming installations

  • Nössemark, VIDA
  • Tranemo, VIDA
  • Långasjö, Södra
  • TBD, Southern

Guidance: Wood

For more information and guidance, please contact Mabema 073-515 37 12 or send us an email.