FINDER Tracker

The unique 3D product for picking tubes and rods.

Ammunition AAI

Inspection of cases and cartridges.

Casting pores detection

Flexible solution for detection of casting pores.

Customized vision system

To meet our customers' unique needs, we tailor our solutions to solve the most challenging technological applications.


The best seller for picking items organized in layers or at conveyor belt.

Core 3D

Core verification and core height measurement.

Extractor groove

Measuring and inspection of rim and extractor groove.

Underwater cameras and accessories

Camera products developed and manufactured with focus on quality and radiation.


The portable platform for digitizing and saving analogue video.

Guidance: Nuclear

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Rådgivning: Nuclear

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New, HD quality in a very affordable and robust package. Full functionality with zoom, focus, PAN and TILT.

Price level:
Approximately 220,000 SEK for a complete package incl. 30-meter cable.


Miniature camera with fixed focus and LED lighting. Very simple, 12 volts in and video out.

Price level:
Approx. 11 000: - incl. 30-meter cable.


The popular choice. Smart mechanical camera solution with continuous PAN, LED lighting, 10x zoom

Price level:
About 210,000 SEK for a complete package incl. 30-meters of cable.


The original, now with even better performance. 31 conductors and kevlar reinforced.

Price level:
About SEK 20-30,000 for a complete 30-meter cable.

Guidance: Wood

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