Mabema GPV (Gauging Pile Volume)

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Södra and Vida orders GPV truck scanner

Mabema receieved two orders just before end of 2015. Södra Skogsägarna och Vida ordered one GPV each.
Read more here: Newsletter_2016-01_eng.pdf

Mabema GPV now in operation at Holmen Paper, Braviken Mill

The day before Christmas eve the Mabema GPV truck scanner for logpiles on trucks was inspected and approved by Holmen Paper. Indeed a milestone in this complexed project. The approval also means the take over by Holmen and start of the support & operation agreement between Holmen and Mabema.

On the 12:th of January VMF finally measured the first truck where the Mabema result automtically was processed into the SDC system "DORIS". 
Today the Truckscanner has been in operation for more then two weeks without any major "hickups".
During the next comming two months VMF/VMK will continue to make daily checks of the systems ability to produce correct measuring data like driving through the reference pile made out of 80 timber logs.

Mabema GPV now approved by the VMK

During September Mabemas finally recieved an approval on their GPV-system by the Swedish VMK for measuring spruce loggs with various length on trucks. The type-approval means that we now can finish the installation at Braviken mill and also start looking for new prospects in Sweden.

The final take over by Holmen is planned to mid December -14.

First order of GPV: In end of February, Mabema received the first order of a complete GPV system.
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GPV – A revolutionary way of measuring woodpiles on trucks.

After receiving our first commercial order from Holmen AB our focus is now on finishing the first measuring GPV-rig at Braviken site.

The purpose with the project was to develop a fully automatic system for measuring woodpile volume on trucks obtaining better or equal results compared to today’s manual measuring. The result includes volume measures of solid wood, under/on bark in a percentage of the total pile volume.

Options like measuring rot, log length, divided piles and type of wood are of great interest and will most certain be implemented in this and future systems.

The GPV-rig is fully automatic measuring system with weatherproof building, automatic quick opening /closing doors, registration terminal for drivers, security systems, SDC/VMF interface, reporting system and other practical details.

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The Mabema GPV, which is the right product name was approved in June 2013 for measuring purpuse wich was a great break through for us. Now remains the functional approval and when finished, give Mabema the final type-approval which is needed for commercial measuring. Holmen take over is set to beginning of July -14.

If you want to read more about Mabema:s GPV equipment, how it works and about the project history please press one of the links below.

pdfMabema GPV - Data sheet

pdfPowerpoint presentation - English

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