Used when shape based matching provides the best results. Thanks to FINDER’s all image processing tools, the user can freely match both simple and complex shapes in a 3D image. FINDER 3D is the market’s most competent and flexible 3D system with full freedom to configure cameras and robots in the same way as FINDER 2D.
  • Easy installation and very user friendly
  • Can handle complex shapes
  • Adapted for different cameras
  • Full collision management
  • Provides fast and secure analysis

FINDER 3D is excellent when shape-based matching provides the best results, for example for products with complex shapes, castings, forged components etc.

FINDER 3D offers a full 3D coordinate and includes collision management in 3D (including grips). FINDER 3D has the same clear and intuitive user interface as FINDER 2D.

FINDER 3D includes collision management in 3D.

3D Images – point cloud

 Depth images, called point cloud images, provide a topographic view of the camera scene using triangulation. Each white pixel in the image has a certain value and the yellow pixels represent the model.

Matching means that the model’s colored pixels must match the corresponding pixels in the camera image.
To simplify the visualization of the image, they can be bundled together in FINDER to render surfaces.

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